Don't Change The Subject
   Movie coming in Winter 2012

Extra Scenes

Here are several extra scenes / portions of interviews which don't appear in the full version of the movie.  The movie itself isn't premiering until Winter 2012 but we will continue to offer extras here.

By the way, all of these clips are hosted at YouTube so feel free to watch, share and comment on them at YouTube.  Just click on the YouTube button at the bottom right portion of the clip and you can watch it at YouTube. 

People have a lot of weird misconceptions about suicide.  Vanessa clues you in on what itís like to feel suicidal.  

Charlie reveals the secret suicidal messages in 70's classic "The Hustle."

Mike and David ask the big question, why didnít their mom just leave instead of killing herself?

Sometimes people think youíre crazy Ö and the worst part is sometimes theyíre right. 

Some will find this suicide story offensive.  Some will find it funny.  Mike apparently finds it funny.

Donít ask this man if the movie will be in good taste. 

Dr. Kita Curry of Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services discusses the differences between "the blues" and depression.

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