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Great review and interview of Don't Change The Subject

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4-star review of DCTS

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Excellent review in advance of Charleston, SC screening

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Includes a very nice interview with Mike Stutz and Michael Blumenfield

Michael Blumenfield, 
Our first review, a rave ("This film can save lives so it deserves to be seen")


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May 10, 2012 interview with Mike


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"I can't shake the movie from my psyche or my heart.  I absolutely loved it and consider it one of the most relevant and insightful movies I have watched in my adult life.  THANK YOU!"

Lorena Ortega - Student Activities, Golden West Community College

"I would call Donít Change the Subject an experiential film; it brings the viewer  closer to the experience of and understanding of  suicide than anything I have watched in my thirty some years as a counseling psychologist.  Again, I think it is the directorís use of the arts that allows this film to speak to so many people on so many levels.  This film would be as appropriate for a graduate course in a mental health discipline as it would be appropriate as a stimulus for a writing class, an opening film for student services conference, a discussion piece for residence hall programming, or an empowering and therapeutic experience for a grieving family."

Dr. Karl Laves - Assistant Director, Counseling & Testing Center, Western Kentucky University

"This is great. A really lovely, warm, inspiring, moving film about a subject that, yes, no one talks about."

Nev Pierce - Movie Critic/Writer for several outlets, including Empire, LA Times, The Sunday Times, Esquire, The Guardian

"I have worked as a Social Worker for the past 14 years.  In that time, I have worked with many who have considered suicide, who have been affected by suicide, and who have attempted suicide.  In that time, I have also attended a lot of trainings that were designed to educate me and train me in how to deal with suicide.  I have NEVER seen anything more helpful, more relevant, more touching, or more real, than ďDonít Change The Subject.Ē  It is heartfelt, funny, tragic, and raw.  Mike Stutz has the uncanny ability to take a taboo subject and make it accessible using a compassionate and original approach.

Whether or not you THINK youíve been affected by suicide, I highly recommend watching this film.  You will be touched and, if nothing else, it will elevate your understanding and awareness.   This film is helping people become less afraid of the topic of suicide and just maybe Ö we will all stop changing the subject."

Tracie Jones - Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Los Angeles County Public Defenderís Office

"What you have created is truly a unique masterpiece."

Sarah Marks - Trauma Intervention Program, San Diego CA

"As a person who has lost a loved one to suicide, I want to convey my appreciation for your efforts. I saw the stat somewhere that one in 7 American families loses a member to suicide. I think your movie has potential to keep many families from becoming members of that club nobody wants to belong to."

Christine Frizzell - Director of Counseling, UMass Dartmouth

"The movie made its point in an entertaining and engaging way, without being overly maudlin or sentimental, and is definitely not preachy. In many different ways, and through many different people's stories, the message about the importance of talking about suicide for the family members and for survivors of attempts comes through."

Nedra Kline Weinreich - Program Manager, Entertainment Industries Council

"Don't Change the Subject tackles the complicated subject of suicide on many levels. This film explores the experience of suicide with honesty while uniquely incorporating humor and creativity. How individuals make meaning of loss and connect with loved ones who have died by suicide is another important element of the film. Don't Change the Subject will be meaningful and valuable to many who see it, but the narratives documented are especially important for mental health professionals to learn from."

Kathryn Barbash - PsyD Child and Adolescent Clinician, Boston, MA

"As a social worker, I believe this film could be so instrumental to opening up dialogue with all types of people. This would include both young and old who struggle with thoughts of killing themselves, or have a loved one who has committed suicide. Part of the problem in our culture is that we have donít encourage, but instead discourage, people to talk about feelings that are related to suicide and depression.  Itís important for people who are struggling to know they are not alone.
I would recommend this film to everyone. If this film was shown in schools and could save at least one life, then the mission of this film has been accomplished. This film is sad, funny, clever, thought provoking, and inspiring.

Carolyn Greenspan - Psychiatric Social Worker II, Los Angeles County Public Defender's Office

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