Don't Change The Subject
   Movie coming in Winter 2012


Several talented performers were commissioned to create original material about suicide for Don't Change The Subject.  We love what they did in the film.  Perhaps you'd like to support them or check out what else they do at their own sites ....

CHARLIE RECKSIECK (film score, original music)
& THE BIGFELLAS (recorded & performed "The Suicide Song")
Charlie wrote the film's score and other music seen throughout the movie.  His band, The Bigfellas, also appear in the film.  The Bigfellas are a San Diego band known for semi-irreverent originals on their CD "Chubbed Up" (  There will be a DCTS soundtrack CD, planned for a 2012 Winter release.  You can also follow Charlie on Twitter at

DANIELLE PEIG (choreography)
Danielle is a Los Angeles based choreographer and dancer.  She studied at the London Contemporary Dance School and has created dozens of cutting-edge and challenging pieces.

Patrick is an award-winning animator and director of Die-Ner (Get It?) and Entrance.  Beyond writing screenplays, he has a distinctive animation style & his creations for Don't Change The Subject will also be seen in a comic book on the subject of suicide, written for the film.  The comic will be available on this website in the coming months.  You can follow Patrick on his Twitter feed at

DUNCAN TRUSSELL (stand-up comedy)
Duncan is a successful standup comic from Southern California who tours across the country.  He can be seen appearing with legendary comedians via and you may have seen him on Curb Your Enthusiasm or MadTV.  You can follow his goings-on via his Twitter page or listen to his weekly podcast, The Lavender Hour.

Lucent Dossier is an avant-garde circus, band, performance troupe and entertainment company.  They perform in theaters and festivals all over the world. 

Excepts of Brian's play, "The First Day Off in a Long Time" was featued in
Don't Change The Subject.  He is a comedic writer/performer who can regularly be seen at the Moth and the Upright Citizen Brigade Theater in Los Angeles.

ROGER FOJAS (performer)
Roger and Jesselynn are incredibly talented longtime members of the performance group Lucent Dossier.  We can't tell you exactly what they do in the movie.  But it's amazing.

CARNIVAL (dance event)
"Carnival" is a tremendous, regular choreographers event in Los Angeles where top dancers, choreographers and music stars come together to see brand new dance pieces in a festive environment.

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