Don't Change The Subject A dark, funny, uplifting documentary about surviving suicide
   Premiere: October 13, 2012

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"Offending people is a necessary and healthy act.  Every time you say something that's offensive to another person you just caused a discussion.  You just forced them to have to think." Louis C.K.

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Hey there DCTS family and friends.  It has been an amazing run over the last year.  We've had over seventy screenings that have spanned the country from Texas Pan American in the South to the Pickford Film Center in Bellingham, Washington, to the Greater Park Circle Film Society in Charleston and the Norwood in New York. 

At Kansas State one of the campus LGBT organizations came together with Sigma Pi Fraternity to sponsor us and we had one of the best Q&A's I've ever been a part of. At Western Kentucky Karl Laves and his great team brought pizza for a hundred.  In Berkeley it may have been the wine that drew the crowd.  At the two San Diego screenings it was the grilled cheese to be sure that brought 'em in.  Northern Virginia Community Colleges had eight screenings with crowds growing with every one. 

In short, it has been an overwhelming and gratifying experience.  And it's not over!  We've had screening requests that range from a major psychiatric convention in San Francisco in May to suicide prevention groups in Italy and colleges and film societies throughout the US.  Don't Change the Subject.  We won't.  We'll keep you up to date as the adventure continues. 

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Please remember, if you or anyone you know is in crisis call the national hotline at 800 273-TALK.  They are there to listen and so are we.  We want you to stick around. 

Don’t Change the Subject is a darkly comic look at what happens when one man dares to ask questions about the dirtiest word in any language – suicide.  Director Mike Stutz investigates his mom’s suicide by opening up a conversation with his family that they never had when he was a kid.  Then he recruits a band of writers, artists, dancers, comics, punk clowns (yes there are punk clowns) and suicide survivors to put their own unique stamp on the conversation.  Teenagers dance to autopsy reports.  A jumper gives tips on how to come out of a coma. A comic discovers that suicide can actually be funny. Also dozens of amazingly honest and incredible people open up about their lives in ways that you'd never expect. Oh and there's animation, a suicide band, and parties for dead people.

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Contact us about Don't Change The Subject ... mike (at) dontchangethesubject (dot) org

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DVDs on sale & available here (now, as of Oct 3, 2012):
Click here to buy now!